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Employee Training and Career Development Essay Example

Employee Training and Career Development Essay Example Employee Training and Career Development Essay Employee Training and Career Development Essay Employee Training and Career Development April 13, 2012 HRM/300 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Carol House University of Phoenix Employee training and career development is very important to an organization because the success of the organization depends on the success of its employees. Organizations are always developing and implementing new technologies, strategic plans, and objectives. The training, development, and mentoring are the keys to growth of each of the organization goals. Organizational development is defined as being a systematic process to implement effective change within an organization. In the late 1960 organizational development was relatively unknown and had no proper definition. The organizations that used this theory implemented ideas of what they felt organizational development should be. Richard Beckhard who is an authority on organizational development defined it is, an effort, planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organizations processes, using behavioral-science knowledge (Organizational Development, 2012). Courses and programs on organizational development were being offered in business, education, and administration curricula in the 1970 and 1980. By the 2000 organizational development theories and strategies had grown and evolved and its influences can be found in reengineering, total quality management, job enrichment, and team b uilding. The role of training in an organizationâ„ ¢s development is key to the success of any organization. Training helps to develop skills, enhance skills, and self-growth amongst the employees. Training helps the organization to grow, reach goals, increase productivity, and keep the organization objectives on track. A company is only as good as is employee, if the employees are not properly trained the company cannot fulfill its mission or vision statement. When employees learn how to become more productive the company revenue will increase and new goal will need to be set. The first step to become more productivity is communication. Communication skills can be developed with team building actives. The second step is to have family and friendly work environment. The three step is for the employee to have respect. When employee can get alone they, are more productive and are easier to train in group setting. An organization needed to ensure that training is for all employees upper m anagement, middle management, support staff, and line employees. The management staff of an organization should be trained in leadership, delegation, giving and receiving feedback, and providing support to their employees, this will help to ensure the organizations culture and climate is warm and inviting. Training is also importation to the image of the organization. People want to work for an organization that encourages their employee to grow and promote within the organization and acquiring the proper image will help to bring in new hires. Organizational development and training are two importation roles to an organization and employee development is just as importation. Employee development is when the employee and the organization work together upgrade the employees knowledge, skills, and abilities. Some of the methods that can be used are personal development plans, leadership training, mentoring, and job rotation. Personal development plane is a plan that the employer and employee make to set personal professional goals for the employee. The plan would include a list of goals, how to achieving them, and were does the person see his or herself within the company in the next five years. Personal development plans are a good tool to help employees on track and encourage employees to do his or hers personal best. Leadership training is a method that companys use to help develop employees who show leadership skills. The employee will work closely with a manager or team leader to help improve their skills and set pe rsonal goal for themselves. This is also a way for employers to promote from within. Mentoring is the pairing of a manager with an employee, the manager will help the employee achieve more in his or her professional life. This could a supervisor mentoring a team leader or a team leader mentoring a line employee. Sometime line employee will mentor other line employee to help them go further within the company than he or she did. This program also help companies to promote from within and encourage employees do perform to his or her best. Job rotation is moving employees to various positions in the organization to expand their skills, knowledge, and abilities. There are two types of job rotation horizontal or vertical. Vertical job rotation would be promoting an employee up within the company. Horizontal job rotation would be when an employee move to jobs of a similar status. The first benefit to job rotation is burnout reduction. Employee who do the same the job everyday experien ce greater feelings of fatigue, apathy, boredom, and carelessness. Burnout can lead to promote decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and increased likelihood of turnover. The second benefit is increased employee satisfaction. When employee are satisfied they can better identify their strengths and weaknesses. The last benefit is employee motivation. Employees are more motivated because they are given the opportunity to enhance and improve their skills, abilities, and competencies. Employee and organizational development are very similar but also very different. Employee development focus on the resource the organization provides to their employees to help them acquire new skills or accreditations. The organization will offer paid training class, team building actives, incentives to take leadership course, or financial support to obtain a degree. Employee development also involves management helping employee to set personal goals. Organizational development focus the organization management planned, organizational evolution, improving a businessâ„ ¢s effectiveness and profitability by using behavioral-science knowledge. The main function of organizational development is to careful analysis and study the organizational structures an organization. Also to keep the organization updated with new trends in the marketed place. They both include some form of education as an important component. In employee development the employee can choice what type of education he or she wants to take. With organizational development education has to fall in line with the specific plan that organization has outline out. This class would be conform to the organizationâ„ ¢s developmental goals not to the personal goals of the employees. The role of human resource management in career development to ensure that the employees of the organization are on the track to researching their career goals. HRM should ensure that employees have a clear understand of all the benefits that they organization offer. A good way to ensure that each employee has a clear understand is to make a personal goal list when he or she is first hired. It should include education, salary, position 410k plans, job rotation, outreach, and other personal goals of the employee. HRM should make sure the employees of the organization also have a clear understand of the organization strategic plan, objectives, and vision statement. HRM also has to make sure that the organization has the education resource in place to help the employees reach the goals set in their personal plan. In five years I would like to own a Avon store. I am currently an Avon representative and plan own starting the leadership program within the next six months. I want to increase my sale by 20 to 30 percent each year. To do this I am planning fundraisers and parties. Within the next year I want to have 10 to 12 representative in my team line. Having this many representative on my team will ensure that I have fully trained staff set in place. I could have employees to work the store and as outside representative. I believe that will all the employee development program Avon offer will be to reach my goals in no time. References Cromwell, J. (2012). Difference Between Employee Development Organizational Development. Retrieved from Importance of Training and Development. (2010) Retrieved from Organizational Development. (2012). Retrieved from Thompson, S. (2012). Role of Human Resources for Career Planning. Retrieved from

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