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Divine Comedy - St.Augustine in Dante’s Inferno :: Divine Comedy Inferno Essays

St.Augustine in the Inferno It is difficult to put St. Augustine inside only one of the degrees of Dante’s hellfire for his transgressions were differed and not incredible. Today a considerable lot of his wrongdoings are ordinary. For instance, the vast majority endeavor to better their own lives without respect of others. They endeavor to expand their way of life and addition all the more common belongings. They are neither acceptable nor underhanded however are simply attempting to get by and keep up in today’s battle for-yourself society. Before Augustine’s change, this was his objective. He was ceaselessly looking for â€Å"honors, cash, (and) marriage† (Confessions, 991). This permits Augustine to be put in the primary region of heck, the Vestibule. It is a spot for entrepreneurs, for example, Augustine was before his transformation. It is a spot for the â€Å"nearly callous. . . who were neither for God nor Satan, however just for themselves† (Inferno, 1295). Augustine n ever deliberately hurt anybody, however his activities were driven by his impulses to succeed and pick up acclaim. These activities included kissing up to the Emperor, his investigation of law and the craft of influence, and the ridiculing of newcomers to his calling. Since every one of these wrongdoings likewise falls inside an alternate domain of Dante’s heck, they will be talked about later in this paper. The second degree of Dante’s heck, Limbo, doesn't have any significant bearing to Augustine since he was submersed and was honored with the information on Jesus Christ’s presence. Consequently, Augustine can not be set inside this first hover of hellfire. The second hover of heck, a domain for the individuals who fell casualty of their lewd wants, is another level at which to put Augustine’s soul for he was devoured by desire in his pre-transformation days. He was urged by his family to become familiar with the craft of influence and creation of fine discourse when he was just sixteen. He utilized these abilities, which he grew quite well, alongside his attractive features to allure whatever number ladies as would be prudent. It was â€Å"in that sixteenth year of my life in this world, when the franticness of desire. . . assumed total responsibility for me, and I gave up to it† (Confessions, 987). He was infatuated with being enamored. However, he couldn't observe among adoration and desire. His bodily wants overwhelmed his spirit for most of his life.

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Mechanical properties and acoustic behaviour of screed Essay

Mechanical properties and acoustic conduct of screed - Essay Example The fixing in this manner made is a layer of high quality cement, with preferable mechanical properties over other completing matrial utilized normally on a superficial level bases........(1) In any case, because of the poor surface completions accessible at locales, it is fitting to utilize screed satisfactorily while making right leveling for the laying of screed to get the necessary smooth completion. Appropriate instruments like trowels are utilized for this reason. The general rules for laying a screed layer give that there ought not be any deviation of more than 3mm over a length of 3 meters, to get the smooth and level floor of good quality. The figure shows the deviation bend for the screed layer on a solid surface over a 3-meter length, with datum level as reference point...........(2) There are essentially two sorts of screeds, fortified and solid screeds. The distinction lies in their application. While reinforced screed is applied to a solidified solid floor surface, solid screed is applied at the hour of laying the solid deck itself. This sort of screed is appropriate just on solid and solidified solid that has a trademark quality of more than 20MPa, as the holding of cement isn't workable for screed with feeble cement. In addition, the screed layer can't fill any splits on the base floor and along these lines the make will show laugh hysterically over a period. The base solid surface ought to be smooth and level to permit a screed layer of roughly 25 mm. thickness, being in the scope of 15 to 40 mm.. The readiness of base cement ought to be with the end goal that it is solidified consistently, liberated from oil or soil, If there is a nearness of any previous screed layers, at that point same should be evacuated by rejecting allover, as the cleaning at edges or pecking at interims won't be adequate. The surface ought to be vacuum cleaned with high pneumatic force to free it of all residue particles. For this reason, a blend of sand and concrete ought to be

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What do Bill Gates, a pop singer and a wrestler all have in common!

What do Bill Gates, a pop singer and a wrestler all have in common! Our friends in Brazil, the Lemann Foundation, recently asked some twenty celebrities about their favorite way to learn math, and they shared some really touching thoughts about Khan Academy and why they love using it. We thought it would be fun to share them with you, too. Bill Gates, for instance, stressed the fact that Khan Academy is a great tool for one`s learning adventure, saying that the “breath of stuff is incredible and the explanations are clear”. He also pointed out that he uses Khan Academy to remind himself about certain concepts and with his kids “when things are complicated for them” - which makes us feel better about forgetting things, too! This year, over two million Brazilians used Khan Academy to study and learn - we’re so excited that they’re enjoying the Portuguese site. Em diante! â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"â€"- O que Bill Gates, Anitta e Anderson Silva têm em comum? A equipe responsável pela Khan Academy no Brasil recentemente perguntou para mais de 20 celebridades do mundo da música, das artes e do entretenimento sobre sua maneira favorita de estudar matemática e eles compartilharam os benefícios de estudar com a Khan Academy de forma gratuita e empolgante. O grupo inclui ídolos nacionais e internacionais, como Bill Gates, a cantora Anitta e o campeão de MMA Anderson Silva. Aqui você pode ver alguns desses vídeos. O Bill Gates, por exemplo, falou que o site é uma excelente ferramenta na aventura do conhecimento - “a quantidade de conteúdo é incrível, as explicações são simples”. Ele apontou que tem acessado a Khan para se lembrar de alguns conceitos e que seus filhos também usam “quando têm alguma dificuldade” â€" o que nos faz sentir melhor quanto esquecemos as coisas também! Esse ano já são mais de dois milhões de brasileiros estudando e aprendendo com a Khan Academy! Estamos super entusiasmados com o sucesso do site no Brasil!

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Allegory of the Cave Summary and Response Essay - 698 Words

Marlo Diorio Dr. Mishra – College Writing I â€Å"Allegory of the Cave† â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†, written by Plato, is story that contrasts the differences between what is real and what is perceived. He opens with Glaucon talking to Socrates. He has Glaucon imagine what it would be like to be chained down in a cave, not able to see anything other than what is in front of him. He tells a story of men that were trapped in a cave and were prisoners to the truth. These prisoners have only seen shadows. But because of their ignorance, these slaves to the cave believe that the shadows are real. The story goes on to say that one of the men has been dragged out of the cave. He is not happy to see the real world, yet upset because he is being taken†¦show more content†¦It would never be an easy path to walk down, and it would take a lot of struggling. Only certain determined people will actually make it to the opposite side. Socrates says these most qualified people should be the ones to lead the public. I bel ieve this is also true in today’s society. I say this because when it comes to election time, we as a country are not going to vote for an uneducated lunatic. I believe that the president should be someone intelligent with good morals and very qualified. In order to reach that high point, you must go out of your comfort zone, like the prisoner did. In life, people go out of their comfort zones all of the time. I’ve always believed that in order to achieve something you’ve never had/done, you must do something you’ve never done before, such as stepping out of your comfort zone. Only the best can be found when you make an attempt to extend yourself as a human being. I relate the cave in this story to the social norm. No one wants to step out of it because I their life, the norm is all there is. I believe the shadows would represent all of the other things that could be out there, but they have no desire to go find out what they are. They are too comfortable with what they have and haven’t gone looking for more. The cave is a comfort zone for the prisoners in Plato’s time and for teenagers today. Without the outside world, there is no curiosity, no questioning. I believe it is important toShow MoreRelatedSummary Response to Platos Allegory of the Cave630 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿SUMMARY RESPONSE TO PLATOS ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE (625 WORDS) The main idea presented by Plato in his infamous Allegory of the Cave is that the average persons perceptions are severely limited by personal perspective. Plato uses the metaphorical situation of prisoners chained together in a way that limited their visual perception to the shadows projected from behind them onto a wall in front of them. He uses that metaphor to illustrate that perspective determines perceptions and also that onceRead MoreEssay on The Allegory of the Cave in Platos Republic901 Words   |  4 PagesThe Allegory of the Cave in Platos Republic This paper discussed The Allegory of The Cave in Platos Republic, and tries to unfold the messages Plato wishes to convey with regard to his conception of reality, knowledge and education. THE ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE Platos Allegory of the Cave is a story that conveys his theory of how we come to know, or how we attain true knowledge. It is also an introduction into his metaphysical and ethical system. In short, it is a symbolic explanationRead MoreAnalysis Of Edmund Spensers The Faerie Queene1605 Words   |  7 PagesHarold Skulsky, â€Å"Spensers Despair Episode and the Theology of Doubt.† and Frederic Ives Carpenter, â€Å"Spensers Cave of Despair.† The deeper meanings and and virtues within the six books of The Faerie Queene, however, are a matter of interpretation and therefore tend to lead to differing results from any given critic. It is important to state that Spenser has written The Faerie Queene an allegory, which is a story or poem that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, this typically being a moralRead More The Republic by Plato Essay5378 Words   |  22 Pagesindividual terms. Not surprisingly, Socrates probes each one, exposing any and all weaknesses or limitations in pursuit of Truth. It is precisely this meticulousness that leads Thrasymachus to accuse Socrates of never answering questions. Socrates response (another question) clarifies his epistemology: quot;how can anyone answer who knows, and says that he knows, just nothingquot; What Socrates knows is incommunicable other than to say that he knows nothing. His philosophical speculations embodyRead MoreKubla Khan Essay4320 Words   |  18 Pagesbefore us, is utterly destitute of value and he defied any man to point out a passage of poetical merit in it.While derisive asperity of this sort is the common fare of most of the early reviews, there are, nevertheless, contemporary readers whose response is both sympathetic and positive -- even though they value the poem for its rich and bewitching suggestiveness rather than for any discernible meaning that it might possess. Charles Lamb, for example, speaks fondly of hearing Coleridge reciteRead MoreWho Goes with Fergus11452 Words   |  46 Pagesrenounced all ma terialistic desires (including love) and sought a life of simplicity and spirituality, and danced upon the level shore because of it. The deep woods woven shade = the unknown. And in response to the previous comment, in my opinion I think that brazen cars is in reference to battle/warfare. Summary The poet asks who will follow King Fergus example and leave the cares of the world to know the wisdom of nature. He exhorts young men and women alike to leave off brooding over loves bitter

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Globalization Is An Indispensable Influence On My Life And...

Living in the 21st century, globalization has become an inseparable influence on my life and surroundings. Defined as, â€Å" the integration of economic, political, and cultural systems,† this concept of international blending has interwoven itself into our modern structure of operation by influencing our daily interactions with business, trade, foreign affairs, and social customs. Globalization has made the world become a global marketplace for items, ideas, and culture unimpaired by national boundaries. In many ways because of globalization the world has seemingly grown â€Å"smaller† by connecting nations and their people. In my life, the effects of globalization are visible in my experiences as a consumer, media enthusiast, and worker. Reflecting on my experiences as a consumer, globalization has allowed for the commodity market to greatly expand by making foreign and seasonal goods more accessible and helping to make domestic goods cheaper and more abundant. For i nstance, although I live in the West, I have the access to purchase technological goods produced by prevalent companies based in Asia, like Sony, Lenovo, and Samsung. Likewise, it is no longer uncommon to see western chains like Coca-Cola or McDonalds in locations across the globe. As a consumer the effects of globalization can also be seen in the prices and abundance of certain goods. One example is apparel, by outsourcing apparel manufacturing overseas, producers have been able to lower their prices and constructShow MoreRelatedGlobalization and It Effects on Cultural Integration: the Case of the Czech Republic.27217 Words   |  109 PagesGLOBALIZATION AND IT EFFECTS ON CULTURAL INTEGRATION: THE CASE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC. INTRODUCTION I. AN OVERVIEW. With the growing standards of the world and the existing concepts and complexities in political, economic and socio-cultural ideologies, man has always and continuously pondered over the aspects of his nature. Unity, equality, trade and commerce are at the forefront of mans complexities. With these thoughts in mind, man has moved through history trying to satisfy his desiresRead MoreDisney Is A Global Industry4664 Words   |  19 Pagesof fans of this popular culture. Disney s culture also has become a successful American experience that passes from the West to the East. Everyone I knew that Disney is a theme park based on the American culture. The reason is, because of its globalization, it has adapted itself to combine the taste of many cultures. According to Youell, (1996) elements, showed that varieties attract tourists there. As people come, the use of all these parts of the relevant, tourists will be able to see your effortsRead MoreProject Report on Apple Inc.6864 Words   |  28 Pagesthe project work presented in this report is my own work and has been carried out under the supervision of prof. Kuldeep Jobanputra of R.P.Bhalodia College, Rajkot. This work has not been previously report submitted to any other university for any other examination. Date: Signature (†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..) Place: Rajkot ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 1 With great experience enthusiasm I have presented my individual report in the T.Y. B.B.A. effectiveness. I convey to my gratitude to University, Mr. Kuldeep JobanputraRead MoreRacism and Ethnic Discrimination44667 Words   |  179 PagesPeoples Afro-descendent communities 34 5.2 Expressions of racism in Nicaraguan society 35 5.3 Manifestations of ethnic discrimination in the cultural sphere 36 5.3.1 Ethnic devaluation and low self-esteem 36 5.3.2 Invisibility in daily public life 39 5.3.3 Ethno-linguistic hierarchy and interethnic conflict 40 5.3.4 Prejudices based on â€Å"awareness of color† 41 5.3.5 Discrimination against use of the mother tongue 42 5.3.6 Devaluation of local knowledge 43 5.3.7 Reproduction ofRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesPerspectives on the Past, edited by Susan Porter Benson, Stephen Brier, and Roy Rosenzweig Also in this series: Paula Hamilton and Linda Shopes, eds., Oral History and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillianRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesThere Are Few Absolutes in OB 14 Challenges and Opportunities for OB 15 Responding to Economic Pressures 15 †¢ Responding to Globalization 16 †¢ Managing Workforce Diversity 18 †¢ Improving Customer Service 18 †¢ Improving People Skills 19 †¢ Stimulating Innovation and Change 20 †¢ Coping with â€Å"Temporariness† 20 †¢ Working in Networked Organizations 20 †¢ Helping Employees Balance Work–Life Conflicts 21 †¢ Creating a Positive Work Environment 22 †¢ Improving Ethical Behavior 22 Coming Attractions: Developing anRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pages GP NOTES 2010 (ESSAY) Content Page 1. Media a. New vs. Traditional b. New: narcissistic? c. Government Censorship d. Profit-driven Media e. Advertising f. Private life of public figures g. Celebrity as a role model h. Blame media for our problems i. Power + Responsibility of Media j. Media ethics k. New Media and Democracy 2. Science/Tech a. Science and Ethics b. Government and scientist role in science c. Rely too much on technology? d. Nuclear technologyRead MoreStudy of Recruitment Process and E- Recruitment12119 Words   |  49 Pagesprospective employers may pick them for a personal interview. It is reliably reported that over 18 million resumes are currently available online across the world and this figure is steadily increasing. In todays world e recruitment has become an indispensable tool for the recruiting manager. To   get the best out of this   emerging medium it is   essential that it is used   to complement the traditional means   of   recruitment Growth   and relevance of this medium are dependent   both on the accessibility  Read MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pages. Organization Theory Challenges and Perspectives John McAuley, Joanne Duberley and Phil Johnson . This book is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive and reliable guide to organisational theory currently available. What is needed is a text that will give a good idea of the breadth and complexity of this important subject, and this is precisely what McAuley, Duberley and Johnson have provided. They have done some sterling service in bringing together the very diverse strands of workRead More65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays 2nd Edition 147256 Words   |  190 Pagesrealize that there is no such thing as a standard applicant at Harvard Business SchooL We encourage you to bear in mind that your profession is not what makes the essay special. What makes you special is how you make the big (or small) decisions in life and how they have led to your growth. The only common strain in the successful essaysis that applicants have clearly xi Introduction described why each experience is challenging, educational, and transformationaL We hope this book motivates you

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Merchant of Venice †Shylock Free Essays

Shylock is â€Å"The Merchant of Venice† In William Shakespeare’s â€Å"The Merchant of Venice,† there are many themes, symbols and words alike which take on a complex and dual nature. Not only can lines in the play be interpreted by the audience in multiple ways, they are meant to have multiple meanings. This duality can be seen in the characters as well. We will write a custom essay sample on Merchant of Venice – Shylock or any similar topic only for you Order Now Shylock is portrayed as both a victim and a villain and our sense of him evolves as his character is revealed to us as â€Å"The Merchant of Venice. We are first introduced to Shylock in Act I Scene III when we learn about his job as a moneylender. During this period of time, Jewish people were very limited in the jobs they could obtain; they were looked down upon by, and on the fringe of, society. While the Christians could lend money, it was immoral and against church rule for them to charge any type of interest, it was usurious. However, there was nothing to forbid Jewish lenders from making a living by charging interest. They did so to survive and were despised for such an â€Å"immoral and disgraceful† practice. Bassanio goes to Shylock for a loan to be given in Antonio’s name. Upon Antonio’s entering, Shylock displays his disdain for Antonio in an aside, â€Å"How like a fawning publican he looks! / I hate him for he is Christian, / but more for that in low simplicity / he lends out money gratis†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (1. 1. 41-45). His hatred is dual in nature; Antonio lends money without interest threatening the existence of his job as a moneylender. Also, Antonio is prejudiced against the Jews and has humiliated and insulted Shylock publicly for both his lending practices and his religion. This is revealed when Shylock asks Antonio why he should lend money to someone who has, â€Å"†¦rated me / About my moneys and my usuances†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (1. 3. 117-118) â€Å"You call me misbeliever, cutthroat dog / And spet upon my Jewish Gaberdine†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (1. 3. 121-122). Shylock could not retaliate the prejudice, and had to tolerate the abuse, â€Å"Still have I borne it with a patient shrug / for sufferance is the badge of all our tribe† (1. 3. 119-120). This portrays Shylock as a person who is victimized and helpless against the prejudice and racism present in that society. Antonio asks that Shylock see the loan not as a lending of money to a friend, but â€Å"rather to thine enemy, / Who, if he break, thou mayst with better face / Exact the penalty† (1. 3. 145-146). Shylock is now given power over the fate of the loan, Bassanio’s desired pursuit of Portia and the choice of bond for the loan. It is a chance for Shylock’s to seek retribution not only from Antonio personally, but on a larger scale Christian society as a whole. To further advance his position, he speaks to Antonio as a friend, â€Å"I would be friends with you, and have your love, / Forget the shames that you have stained me with† (1. . 149-150). Shylock’s cynically toned change of heart toward Antonio makes it clear his feigned friendship may, quite probably, be motivated by ulterior interests. At this point, there is a substantial shift in the character of Shylock from being that of a victim to that of a villain. Shylock is not interested in receiving m ere interest on the money he lends, he wants a redemption and revenge for himself and his people which no amount of money will satisfy for him. The selfish, greedy, usurous Jew many want to make Shylock out to be is no longer being guided by a monetary beacon. He is now seemingly overtaken by a cruel morbid desire for revenge. He has become passionately cunning, malicious and vengeful, â€Å"†¦let the forfeit / Be nominated for an equal pound / Of your fair flesh, [possibly as opposed to his slightly darker Jewish flesh] to be cut off and taken / In what part of your body pleaseth me† (1. 3. 160-163). He reveals the depths of his discontent and his desire for vengeance when he says, â€Å"I will have the heart of him if he forfeit† (3. 2. 125-126). It is not long before Shylock receives news from Tubal that some of Antonio’s fleet has come upon misfortune and he has no choice but to break his bond. Shylock declares, â€Å"I am very glad of it. I’ll plague him, I’ll / torture him, I am glad of it† (3. 1. 115-116). The arrest of Antonio for failure to timely pay his bond solidifies what is lawfully owed to and bought and paid for by Shylock. There is no doubt that Shylock has every intention of collecting this bloody bond, his obsessive hatred for Antonio becomes apparent, â€Å"I’ll have my bond. Speak not against my bond. I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (3. 3. 5-6). Shylock has transformed from discriminated repressed Jew to despised money lender to murderous vengeful sinner. During the trial scene, Shylock clearly enjoys the forthcoming bond which is due to him, he whets his knife on his shoe in the courtroom so that he can, â€Å"cut the forfeiture from [Antonio ]† (4. 1. 124). Shylock is unyielding in his desire. The pound of flesh is worth more to him than ten times the amount of ducats owed. More so, he rejects any appeal to the divine sanction of ercy, and believes to have his bond is lawfully and morally â€Å"right. † Shylock asks the Duke, â€Å"What judgment shall I dread, doing no wrong? † (4. 1. 90) and states, â€Å"I crave the law† (4. 1. 213). Even though he is legally entitled, Portia tries to appeal to his moral obligation to show mercy. He is not moved by this, and readies to collect his bond. At this point, the law is turned on Shylock. Portia tells Shylock he may have his bond, but that, â€Å"This bond doth give thee here no jot of blood†¦if thou dost shed / One drop of Christian blood, thy lands and goods / Are by the laws of Venice confiscate† (4. . 319-324). Shylock, realizing his desired pound of flesh will not be his bond, agrees to accept the payment of the ducats. To this, Por tia replies, â€Å"The Jew shall have all justice. Soft, no haste! / He shall have nothing but the penalty. † Further, Portia declares, â€Å"It is enacted in the laws of Venice, / If it be proved against an alien / That by direct or indirect attempts / He seeks the life of any citizen†¦the offender’s life lies in the mercy of the Duke. † Shylock is forced to his knees to beg the Duke for Mercy. He is again, the â€Å"Jew dog. † His life as it is a physical existence was spared. Shylock, would choose death over the mercy shown to him by the Duke and Antonio, he asks the court to, â€Å"Take my life and all† (4. 1. 389). In granting him to keep half of his goods, Antonio takes his identity, his religion, his heart and soul. Antonio seeks that Shylock, â€Å"presently become a Christian; / The other, that he do record a gift, / Here in the court, of all he dies possessed / Unto his son Lorenzo and his daughter† (4. . 403-406). Life and Christianity have defeated Shylock, they have taken his daughter and given him a Christian son to which he is bound to leave everything he owns. Shylock has been stripped of any power he may have once, if fleetingly, had. He has been broken down and stripped of his â€Å"merciless† religion. He is no longer villainous, he is piteous. Shylock evolved and transformed as a character, before us as an audience just as our feelings, perceptions and sympathies for him. How to cite Merchant of Venice – Shylock, Papers

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Muscular endurance to football Essay Example

Muscular endurance to football Essay When planning my training there are many factors I need to take into consideration S.P.O.R.T.F.I.T.T;  Specific: Making sure that the training is suitable to the sport that you play. Eg. Muscular endurance to football.  Progression: to ensure that each time you train, your results imrove.  Overload: to increase the length of reps during exercise.  Reversibility: How long it takes before the changes reverse.  Type: For my fitness requirements I shall be doing circuit training as it is more suitable. Frequency: How much you perform a exercise or how many reps you do. I shall be working for 45 seconds on each station  Intensity: How hard you train  Time:  Tedium: To stop this from becoming boring I shall work with a partner and set targets to improve scores each lesson.  Section 2 Safety  Point  6  Before starting my training programme it is important to check the equipment, to ensure that it is safe to use, eg. Checking a cycling machine to ensure that it is set up properly, so that I can get accurate results when I exercise with it to help my training programme. We will write a custom essay sample on Muscular endurance to football specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Muscular endurance to football specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Muscular endurance to football specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer My training plan;  Bench Tricep dips  Mat- Sit ups and press ups Warm Up  It is important to warm up before exercise. Warming up by stretching ensures that you prevent a chance of injury during exercise. Also it allows you to be physically and mentally ready for the sport as it motivates you. There are three phases to a warm up, an aerobic phase, a stretch and flexibility phase, and then a skills and intensive exercise. A warm up should be suitable for the sport that the participant is about to play. The gradual increase of stress on the body reduces a chance of injury, and the pulse and body temperature are raised to nearer the working rate. The changes to the body as a result of warming up are that the body systems, muscles and joints gradually become used to working harder. Also, by concentrating in warm up activities there is a chance that you could gain an advantage on your opposition by having a better start to a match.  There are different types of stretches that can be involved in a warm up. There are static, assisted, and dynamic stretches.Static- easing the muscle into the stretched position and holding it for 10-15 seconds. Assisted- when the action is affected by pushing against a friend or a wall.Dynamic- by moving into the stretch position and bouncing the muscle.

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Employee Training and Career Development Essay Example

Employee Training and Career Development Essay Example Employee Training and Career Development Essay Employee Training and Career Development Essay Employee Training and Career Development April 13, 2012 HRM/300 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Carol House University of Phoenix Employee training and career development is very important to an organization because the success of the organization depends on the success of its employees. Organizations are always developing and implementing new technologies, strategic plans, and objectives. The training, development, and mentoring are the keys to growth of each of the organization goals. Organizational development is defined as being a systematic process to implement effective change within an organization. In the late 1960 organizational development was relatively unknown and had no proper definition. The organizations that used this theory implemented ideas of what they felt organizational development should be. Richard Beckhard who is an authority on organizational development defined it is, an effort, planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organizations processes, using behavioral-science knowledge (Organizational Development, 2012). Courses and programs on organizational development were being offered in business, education, and administration curricula in the 1970 and 1980. By the 2000 organizational development theories and strategies had grown and evolved and its influences can be found in reengineering, total quality management, job enrichment, and team b uilding. The role of training in an organizationâ„ ¢s development is key to the success of any organization. Training helps to develop skills, enhance skills, and self-growth amongst the employees. Training helps the organization to grow, reach goals, increase productivity, and keep the organization objectives on track. A company is only as good as is employee, if the employees are not properly trained the company cannot fulfill its mission or vision statement. When employees learn how to become more productive the company revenue will increase and new goal will need to be set. The first step to become more productivity is communication. Communication skills can be developed with team building actives. The second step is to have family and friendly work environment. The three step is for the employee to have respect. When employee can get alone they, are more productive and are easier to train in group setting. An organization needed to ensure that training is for all employees upper m anagement, middle management, support staff, and line employees. The management staff of an organization should be trained in leadership, delegation, giving and receiving feedback, and providing support to their employees, this will help to ensure the organizations culture and climate is warm and inviting. Training is also importation to the image of the organization. People want to work for an organization that encourages their employee to grow and promote within the organization and acquiring the proper image will help to bring in new hires. Organizational development and training are two importation roles to an organization and employee development is just as importation. Employee development is when the employee and the organization work together upgrade the employees knowledge, skills, and abilities. Some of the methods that can be used are personal development plans, leadership training, mentoring, and job rotation. Personal development plane is a plan that the employer and employee make to set personal professional goals for the employee. The plan would include a list of goals, how to achieving them, and were does the person see his or herself within the company in the next five years. Personal development plans are a good tool to help employees on track and encourage employees to do his or hers personal best. Leadership training is a method that companys use to help develop employees who show leadership skills. The employee will work closely with a manager or team leader to help improve their skills and set pe rsonal goal for themselves. This is also a way for employers to promote from within. Mentoring is the pairing of a manager with an employee, the manager will help the employee achieve more in his or her professional life. This could a supervisor mentoring a team leader or a team leader mentoring a line employee. Sometime line employee will mentor other line employee to help them go further within the company than he or she did. This program also help companies to promote from within and encourage employees do perform to his or her best. Job rotation is moving employees to various positions in the organization to expand their skills, knowledge, and abilities. There are two types of job rotation horizontal or vertical. Vertical job rotation would be promoting an employee up within the company. Horizontal job rotation would be when an employee move to jobs of a similar status. The first benefit to job rotation is burnout reduction. Employee who do the same the job everyday experien ce greater feelings of fatigue, apathy, boredom, and carelessness. Burnout can lead to promote decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and increased likelihood of turnover. The second benefit is increased employee satisfaction. When employee are satisfied they can better identify their strengths and weaknesses. The last benefit is employee motivation. Employees are more motivated because they are given the opportunity to enhance and improve their skills, abilities, and competencies. Employee and organizational development are very similar but also very different. Employee development focus on the resource the organization provides to their employees to help them acquire new skills or accreditations. The organization will offer paid training class, team building actives, incentives to take leadership course, or financial support to obtain a degree. Employee development also involves management helping employee to set personal goals. Organizational development focus the organization management planned, organizational evolution, improving a businessâ„ ¢s effectiveness and profitability by using behavioral-science knowledge. The main function of organizational development is to careful analysis and study the organizational structures an organization. Also to keep the organization updated with new trends in the marketed place. They both include some form of education as an important component. In employee development the employee can choice what type of education he or she wants to take. With organizational development education has to fall in line with the specific plan that organization has outline out. This class would be conform to the organizationâ„ ¢s developmental goals not to the personal goals of the employees. The role of human resource management in career development to ensure that the employees of the organization are on the track to researching their career goals. HRM should ensure that employees have a clear understand of all the benefits that they organization offer. A good way to ensure that each employee has a clear understand is to make a personal goal list when he or she is first hired. It should include education, salary, position 410k plans, job rotation, outreach, and other personal goals of the employee. HRM should make sure the employees of the organization also have a clear understand of the organization strategic plan, objectives, and vision statement. HRM also has to make sure that the organization has the education resource in place to help the employees reach the goals set in their personal plan. In five years I would like to own a Avon store. I am currently an Avon representative and plan own starting the leadership program within the next six months. I want to increase my sale by 20 to 30 percent each year. To do this I am planning fundraisers and parties. Within the next year I want to have 10 to 12 representative in my team line. Having this many representative on my team will ensure that I have fully trained staff set in place. I could have employees to work the store and as outside representative. I believe that will all the employee development program Avon offer will be to reach my goals in no time. References Cromwell, J. (2012). Difference Between Employee Development Organizational Development. Retrieved from Importance of Training and Development. (2010) Retrieved from Organizational Development. (2012). Retrieved from Thompson, S. (2012). Role of Human Resources for Career Planning. Retrieved from

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I Have No Idea What Im Doing at Work

I Have No Idea What Im Doing at Work You’ve been in your job for a little (or a long while) while, and it started out pretty well. You were accomplishing things left and right, learning the ropes. All was well. Then, maybe, there was a new process introduced, or you were given more, somewhat ambiguous responsibilities. Because you were doing so well before, you didn’t even think twice about it†¦ until it became too late to ask someone, â€Å"What am I supposed to be doing, again?† Or until things started to go wrong. By then, the panic sets in. What am I supposed to do now? I have no idea what I’m doing. Feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing, or that you’re irrevocably screwing up, is not an uncommon one. Everyone has had a moment- or a period of time- where they feel like they’re in over their heads. Anyone who claims they haven’t had that is either fibbing, or long overdue for a wakeup call. But just because everyone feels overwhelmed by tasks some times doesn’t mean you have to endure it or let things spiral out of control.Am I An Impostor?â€Å"Impostor syndrome† is the nagging feeling that although you have made it to a certain point, you’re not competent or smart enough to have made it to that point- that you stumbled into your job and your achievements accidentally. This kind of self-doubt is fairly common, especially at work. When things start to feel overwhelming, it can be natural to look for someone to blame- and who’s more accessible than yourself? That self doubt can lead to anxiety about being â€Å"found out† by others, who are every bit as competent and smooth as they appear to be.For more on impostor syndrome:  So how do you cope when these feelings set in? Let’s look at some strategies for what you can do if it’s happening to you at work.1. Understand that you’re not alone.If you’ve messed up on a project or feel like you have no idea what youâ₠¬â„¢re doing, it can feel like the spotlight is trained right on you and your comedy of errors. This will not be helped by the coworker who happens to be killing it right now- getting everything right, pulling down praise, and making it all look so easy. What you need to remember is that at one point, you were that coworker getting things right. And you will be again, too. Plus, Mr. Overachiever will have his bad days as well.Nobody has every part of their job nailed down all the time- if you do, then that might actually be a bad sign, professionally. Everyone’s too busy worrying about their own stuff to judge you. And think about it this way: as hard as you work to keep your uncertainty and feelings of failure from others, you can assume they’re doing the same.2. Don’t panic.The realization that you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, or how to fix that, is a scary one. Don’t let it panic you, because panic leads to chronic second- guessing yourself, which distracts you from what actually needs to be done. It can also scare you away from finding logical solutions to your situation and make things even worse.When you feel the downward confidence spiral start, it’s important to recognize that you feel helpless. Once you acknowledge that, you can try to take a step away and work out how to resolve the problem. If you let it go unchecked, you could keep piling mistakes upon mistakes (possibly endangering your job), or get so frustrated that you quit before you know whether you could have fixed things. Neither of these is a combination that leads to professional success or satisfaction. So acknowledging that overwhelming feeling is the most important step, because it can help stop the negative spiral.3. See it as a challenge, not a dealbreaker.While you’re stuck in â€Å"I have no idea what I’m doing† misery, it can be easy to forget that this is an obstacle, not the end of your career. An obstacle is something you can get around. And unless you’re a brain surgeon who finds herself in the operating room after having skipped all of the relevant classes on how to operate, no one will die because you are unsure of what you’re supposed to be doing.4. Fake it ‘til you make it.Mind you, this is not a long-term solution- if you don’t understand what’s going on and don’t do anything to resolve that, eventually someone else will catch on, fulfilling your impostor syndrome doomsday scenario. But if you’re feeling unsure of what you need to do or how to do it, or you know you’ll need more time to figure things out, it’s okay to stall a little. Negotiate a deadline. Use a vague, â€Å"I’m on it†-type confirmation. You don’t need to announce to everyone that you don’t have the first clue what you should do next; you can buy yourself some time to work out your next steps.5. Admit it:  "I don’t know.†If everyone could do everything without guidance, no one would have a manager. Part of your boss’s job is to make sure that you have everything you need to do your own job. While you may be afraid to acknowledge that you don’t know what you’re doing, thinking that your boss will lose confidence in you or worse, it’s important to see your boss as a resource.True, saying, â€Å"I have no idea what I’m doing† will not breed confidence, but you can frame it differently. Try, â€Å"I’m working on X, but I just need some clarification about the best approach. Can we talk through this?† More likely than not, your boss will appreciate your openness and your desire to work through a situation that’s challenging to you. He or she will also appreciate that you’re taking proactive steps to do things better. This isn’t a â€Å"gotcha† game; your boss is invested in you doing a good job .6. Find an ally.If you don’t feel comfortable taking your concerns to your boss or feel like it’s too late to play the â€Å"I just don’t know† card, try finding someone else who can help. Is your colleague a whiz at Excel who  can teach you some tricks to get the info you need? Ask her. Is the person working next to you familiar with how to process orders? Pick his brain. Not only is your buddy’s information likely to help you fill in any gaps, but just talking it out can be useful. You may very well know more than you think you do, and a conversation on the topic might help you make connections that you didn’t realize were there. Plus, it helps with the â€Å"hey, maybe I’m not in this alone† factor.There are some caveats here, though. You don’t want your chosen buddy to feel like they’re doing your job for you. Make sure they’re not busy with their own tasks when you want to talk. Also, don’t p ing them constantly with questions, emails, or sit-down conversations. If you are really lost, try to limit your queries to one or two big ones per day, and try to do whatever you can to follow up and track down additional information on your own.7. Ask specific questions.Try to avoid a panicky, â€Å"What do I do?† Make sure your questions are specific enough to help you get to an answer. (â€Å"Why me?† is never going to be helpful either, trust me. I’ve tried it.) You want your asks to be constructive. Make sure you’ve identified the task or the goal, and what you think are the steps to get there- or at least the next steps. It’s okay to be wrong†¦ that’s why you’re asking questions! But it’s important to have a base of what you think should be happening, if only so that you can correct those assumptions and replace them with correct information as you find it.Here are some examples of specific questions:Is this urgent? What is the timeline? What do I need to achieve as an end result?What step do I think I need to take next?These questions can help you figure out how much space you have to figure things out on your own- or if it’s urgent, whether you need to swallow your pride and get someone for emergency help. You’re likely to get better responses from people if you say, â€Å"Here’s what I believe needs to happen here- can you confirm?† as opposed to, â€Å"Tell me everything I need to do.†8. Check in with others.If you’ve gotten to the point where you feel like you have no clue what’s going on or what you’re supposed to do next, there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line. Either things weren’t communicated fully to you, or you didn’t make it clear that you didn’t understand everything that needed to happen. Either way, there’s no point in dwelling on mistakes or bad communication. All you can do is ma ke sure that moving forward, everyone’s on the same page.This might mean having brief meetings with everyone else involved in a project to make sure that you know what they’re doing, they know what you’re doing, and everyone understands The Plan. It might also just be a regular 10-minute chat with your boss (say, daily or weekly, depending on the timeline and urgency) to say, â€Å"Hey, here’s what I’ve done, here’s how I plan to handle it moving forward, am I heading in the right direction?† This regular, outside feedback can prevent you from feeling totally lost and adrift on your own.These strategies can help you get through that panic moment, breathe again, and figure out how to fill in your knowledge gaps. And once you’ve stopped feeling like an impostor and worked out your battle plan for understanding what you need to do and then accomplishing it, you’ve overcome a challenge that can become a source of pride in yo ur next job interview.However, if you find that you’re often in the position of not knowing what to do or how to do your job, it may be time to consider that you’re not in the right job. This is not to say that you definitely can’t do the job, but rather that the skills and demands are a little too far outside your comfort zone and interest level. You want your job to be challenging, sure, but if it’s all challenges and stress, is this really something you want to be doing for the next year? Five years? Ten years? Constantly feeling confused and overwhelmed might be a big sign that you should find something that fits your skills better.Your career should be about overcoming challenges, and not letting setbacks blow your confidence in your abilities. Even when things seem bleak, you’ve got the tools to work it out. You’re not an impostor, and you’ve got this!

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Three Steps To Start a New Business Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Three Steps To Start a New Business - Term Paper Example During times such as this, small starts up businesses are advantaged because the opportunities in a recession are numerous (Bradberry, 2011). However, first step entrepreneurs should follow three steps. These are creating the business identity, registering the business, and funding the enterprise. The first step involves refining the business idea. While most entrepreneurs are stuck in wondering how to begin, simply thinking of opening a business is the beginning. What entrepreneurs must contend with is that there will always be challenges in starting a business (Ready, 2011). In order to be successful at this point, the entrepreneur must define the concept of their business. The entrepreneur will have to make a decision on the form of business they will create. This can be a limited company, a partnership, or a sole-proprietorship, the simplest of which is sole-proprietorship. At this point, do what you know. Think about your past actions in terms of the way you can transform them i nto products and services. There are three main aspects here. One should emulate what others have done, do what feels best for one’s situation, and aim to solve a common problem. In addition, the business plan needs to be worked on in its entirety at this point. This will help the entrepreneur in gaining confidence, focus, and clarity (Butler, 2008). In a sole entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur will have personal liability for the business’ debt, although he/she will earn all the profit. Sole proprietorship is relatively inexpensive with low formation costs, as well as not having to file accounts or have them audited by government-accredited agencies (Butler, 2008). If an individual is in business with another entrepreneur, then the individuals can form a partnership. In this case, both will be jointly liable for debts accrued as partners. Taxation is done separately for each partner; while this form of business owners can have limited liability for the purpose of debt s. Partnerships also have more formal structures as compared to a sole proprietorship. These must be registered with the relevant government agency. They could also decide to form an LLC, in which case their liability is limited to how many shares the individual entrepreneur has bought. This is the most expensive with registration and account costs, taxable profits, and separate taxation for each of the entrepreneur’s dividends and salary (Butler, 2008). After giving an identity to the business, he/she wants to start, the entrepreneur should then move on to the regulatory and legal requirements that they require to fulfill. First, they must register with a government agency for the purposes of the national insurance, tax, and their PAYE payments (Broad, 2012). In addition, the entrepreneur will need to get a VAT registration PIN. With regards to VAT, the government has various schemes for different entrepreneurs. If one chooses to be part of a partnership, then he or she will have to outsource to an accounting organization. This is important for protection of each partner in case of liability claims. These accountants are trained and certified with professional qualifications in public accounts. The choice of accounting firm will be important in relation to the nature of the business since every accounting firm has a unique way of member

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Career goals and why am i a good fit for the Smithsonian Internship in Essay

Career goals and why am i a good fit for the Smithsonian Internship in the Public Administration field - Essay Example and weaknesses in such a manner that I am now a mature and practical individual that poses the capabilities to contribute actively to bring some positive change in this globe. I have attained a Baccalaureate Degree in Business Management, and acquiring further academic experience by going for an MPA Degree in Public Administration that has provided me understanding of theoretical structures that are valuable in the business market. However, it is very important that an individual should continue the learning experience in order to become successful in this competitive globe. For this purpose, internship in residence at your reputable Smithsonian will enable me to acquire skills that will be effective in accomplishing my goals and objectives of obtaining excellent career opportunities in the field. Besides acquisition of academic knowledge, I have been associated with various professional institutions that have added adequate practical learning that will allow me to perform productively at Smithsonian Institute. During such experience, I worked as an Associate Account Executive at Vault Career Services that included dealing and managing clients through internet and telephone. I also got the opportunity to work as a Branch Sales Associate during which I had the responsibility of managing clients’ mortgage and loan applications that allowed me to understand customers while ensuring their satisfaction and retention. I have carried out extensive research regarding your institution, and have attained reverence for the excellent program that offers undergraduate and graduate students from the minority groups with the opportunity of acquiring management experience in the field. Such diversity and excellence of the program is the major reason of my interest in your reputable institution for acquiring further experience in the management field. In addition, I extremely respect the profession, as it is an observation that it is playing a powerful role in so many lives,

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literary essay joy luck club :: essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Joy Luck Club   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In Amy Tan’s novel â€Å"The Joy Luck Club† there are many themes and imagery throughout the book, but one theme that is relevant and stands out is the issue, â€Å"Cruel men? Weak men? Fair portrayal of men?† The novel is based on women in the Chinese traditional families, but does not discuss the men. What role do they play in their lives? Were they the people that made there lives unbearable? The men that will be looked upon are associated to the Jong, The Hsu, and the St. Clair family. Although many people would believe that the men in â€Å"The Joy Luck Club† were vindictive, they have shown that they not only are they feeble but that the weak men over power the cruel, and through their actions this statement will be apparent to all.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Jong Family have two key males that fit the description of cruel and or weak men. The first was Tyan-Yu, Linda Jong’s first husband. Lindo and Tyan-Yu’s wedding was arranged marriage. Lindo’s parents were forced to depart their home leaving Lindo behind. Even though she was only twelve years old, Lindo belonged to the family of her betrothed. The Huangs, the family of Tyan-yu, were very wealthy and took little interest in Lindo which lead to the first impression that Tyan-yu was a cruel man by the way he acted. He and his family made her stay in their servants’ quarters and made her perform physical tasks, such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, and embroidering clothes. Tyan-yu would make her sleep on the couch lying to his mother so that he would not get himself into trouble which was a sign of weakness on Tyan-yu’s part. Lindo proves this by saying â€Å"That’s when I could see what was underneath Tyan-yu. He was scared.†. (58) Lindo’s marriage was miserable, for there was no love in it. Tyan-yu, feeling no emotion for his wife, would not touch her. Matters were made worse when everyone wondered why Lindo did not become pregnant and for this came trouble. Tyan-yu was to much of a coward to make any moves and left it all for Lindo to do herself. Lindo found out that â€Å"it was his fear that made Lindo think he had no desire for any woman. He was like a little boy that had never grown up†. (58) Lindo totally changed her view of Tyan-yu from once being terrified of him, to feeling as if she was playing the role of an older sibling.

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Rene Castellani

In 1965, Rene Castellani was working as a radio promotions manager on his show â€Å"The Dizzy Dialer† in New Westminster, and slowly killing his wife, Esther Castellani, by poisoning her with arsenic. This had been going on for a period of several months with no one noticing, not even the doctors. Mrs. Castellani had gone to the hospital many times but doctors could not discover what was causing her illness. After having been sick for nine months Mrs. Castellani died on July, 11 1965.The autopsy report showed that Mrs. Castellani had died from â€Å"a viral infection and heart attack. † Several months after her burial, a woman named Adelaide Miller, presumably Rene’s accomplice, who planned to marry him after Rene had collected the insurance money, contacted the Crown Attorney and said she knew how Mrs. Castellani was killed. She and Rene Castellani had been having an affair from approximately the fall 1964 to the spring of 1966. Both Adelaide Miller and Rene Ca stellani were poisoning Mrs.Castellani with arsenic. Authorities exhumed the body of Mrs. Castellani on August 3rd, 1965 from the cement crypt of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Municipality of Burnaby, and delivered it to a morgue in Vancouver where a post? mortem examination was conducted by Dr. Thomas Redo Harmon. Tests known as â€Å"X-ray diffraction† procedures were done. The results showed that the arsenic levels in her body were high enough to kill her. During the trial, which took place on 26 September 1967, Dr.Moscovitch, who treated Mrs. Castellani, said he had never considered arsenic poisoning. Dr. Moscovitch said: â€Å"The possibility of arsenic never occurred to us at all. † Of all the 125 clinical tests that had been performed during her illness, none had identified arsenic. Subsequently, Mr. Castellani was arrested, sentenced for murder on November 12, 1966, found guilty, and sentenced to death, which was later changed to life in prison. Rene Castell ani died on January 4, 1982.

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Summary The Big Puma - 870 Words

Lance Berkman, â€Å"the Big Puma,† also known as â€Å"Fat Elvis,† was a six time MLB All-Star, the National League Comeback Player of the Year in 2011 a World Series champion with the St. Louis Cardinals the same year, and the National League leader in runs batted in for 2002. He was an outfielder/first baseman for the Houston Astros from 1999-2010, the New York Yankees in 2010, the Cardinals from 2011-2012, and the Texas Rangers in 2013. Despite all his accomplishments on a baseball diamond and his passion for winning, he is even more passionate about sharing his faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world. I don t think you can overstate the importance of using your platform or using the position that you ve been given to effect good in every circumstance,† Berkman commented in Sharing the Victory on God using his faith while for His glory before he retired. â€Å"Obviously, the only reason I m where I am is because God has gifted me and has seen fit to put me here. I have to honor that by using my influence and status on the team and in the game of baseball for good and for His purpose. His career statistics are certainly notable. He had a .293 career batting average, with 366 home runs, and 1,234 runs batted in. He was always successful, even in college, as he was named the 1997 National College Player of the Year, when he played for Rice and had a .385 batting average in college. In just his third year as a professional, he was fifth in voting for the Most ValuableShow MoreRelatedA Meditation Journey Through The Chakras Of Cusco s Puma2089 Words   |  9 Pages TITLE A Meditation Journey Through The Chakras Of Cusco s Puma LEAD PARAGRAPH In Incan tradition, the Puma is the keeper of the Earthly realm where we humans reside. The importance of the puma resonates throughout Incan architecture, artwork and places of worship. Therefore it is no surprise that the city of Cusco, the capital of the Incan empire, was said to be built in the shape of the puma. The Incans had a strong connection to the spiritual realm, giving the city of Cusco a cosmically chargedRead MoreAdidas : The Athletic Clothing And Footwear Industry1625 Words   |  7 Pagescollege campus’ but we wanted to know how it compared to competitors in the real world. In a study found on in 2014 Nike was the leader with $16.21 billion in revenue. The next best was Adidas with $8.1 billion in revenue and in third was puma with $1.56 billion. This shows that the top two are Adidas and Nike, with Nike holding a solid lead on Adidas we need to do research on why Nike is prefered and how Adidas can fix that. Adidas is known for being a sporting good company. Adidas hasRead MoreSportsware Manufacturing Company838 Words   |  3 Pagesto expand its products and footwear into its list. Our net profit report for year of 2013 proved our ability in attracting more customers and keeping a standard rate in retails sales. Introducing shoes as a new brand to our production will cause a big difference in our business track. In order to take the proper decision of product expansion, the below points must be taken in consideration: - Determine the size of market’s demand - Search for the segments that let your product as top brand - Read MoreMarketing Plan Nike3380 Words   |  14 PagesCOLLEGE Sofia MARKETING PLAN Market entry/grow opportunity for Nike in Bulgaria INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Coursework in MARKETING Student registration No: 20019402 Program: MBA Lecturer: Dr. V. Blagoev Executive Summary Our approach to developing a market-entry strategy follows a structured process, based on in-depth understanding of all aspects that feed into a commercial launch. A comprehensive analysis, using market data and market research, allows us toRead MoreCompany Analysis Of Under Armour1076 Words   |  5 Pagesfootwear and casual wear also workout wear. The company has prided itself on maintaining a competitive advantage by always having top-notch products and adopting new ideas to outcompete the rivals. Financial Analysis: Although Under Armour has a big market within the United States, Under Armour has been facing a hard time trying to gain entry into foreign markets, such as Europe. These entrance barriers’ include. Increase in competition also the limited scope of their main sport â€Å"American Football†Read MoreMarketing Plan4406 Words   |  18 PagesMonique Scott 1.0 Executive Summary Nike is planning to introduce a new model of it’s Nike ID Plus, which will be called Nike ID Silver. The original product only calibrated with an ipod when syncing songs and only calculated how many miles ran, and how many calories burned. With the new Nike ID Silver, consumers will be able to sync with any MP3 player ( each sync piece sold separately), can be streamed wirelessly to a PC or MAC, will calculate how many calories burned, how many miles ran, yourRead MoreLiterature Review-Fdi in Retail1349 Words   |  6 Pages Arnab Sinha 071108 INDEX INDEX 2 CONCEPTUAL ANALYSIS 3 Summary of Retail Market in India and FDI in Indian Retail 3 LITERATURE REVIEW 5 1. Literature Review-1 5 2. Literature Review-2 5 3. Literature Review-3 6 4. Literature Review-4 7 5. Literature Review-5 7 GAP ANALYSIS 8 REFERENCES 9 CONCEPTUAL ANALYSIS Summary of Retail Market in India and FDI in Indian Retail †¢ India tops the AT Kearney s annual GlobalRead MoreNike And Challenges Of Nike Inc. Essay1349 Words   |  6 PagesExecutive Summary Nike was founded in 1972 by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman. The focus of this report would be an analysis of how Nike’s manages and delivers its service to its customers. It also looks into Nike’s emphasis on its product quality and innovative design to meet the ever changing consumer preferences. By looking at its current strategies that Nike adopt and its appropriateness, this report will provide you a better understanding on how consumer see Nike and challenges that Nike IncRead MoreConverse Analysis6694 Words   |  27 Pagesmillion pairs of shoes sold all over the word in the past century, Converse is no doubt the leader of sneakers industry. Converse built the whole sneakers kingdom since 1908 when it was first founded in Massachusetts. Converse had reached its first big success when Converse All Stars shoes were first sold in 1917. Most consumers may first know Converse because of Cluck Taylor who entered the company in 1921 and lead the All Stars become famous. However, shortly after this Converse fell into itsRead MoreSports Direct Financial Analysis Essay examples1587 Words   |  7 Pagesthe area of skiing, swimming, boxing, running, racquets games, football, golf and trekking. The company does not offer only its owned brands such as Dunlop, Karrimor, Slazenger, Everlast or Lonsdale, but also third party brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok. In the UK there are 19 Fieldamp;Trek stores, which are selling outdoor equipment for trekking, camping, hiking or climbing such as waterproof clothes and footwear with brands like Berghaus, Merrell or Salomon. The headquarters of Sports