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Martin Luther king Essay Example for Free

Martin Luther king Essay It is normal for every person to have dreams about the future. Many people have their own personal dreams while others have dreams for the society. People also tend to have both positive and negative dreams, which they hold. A good leader is one who has positive dream about the people he leads. One of the famous people who have dreams that have to become true is Martin Luther king. This paper gives the analysis of Martin Luther king’s â€Å"I have a dream†. â€Å"I have a dream† speech by Martin Luther king is one of the most wonderful and best speeches that have been given in time immemorial. It was in August 1963 when he moved America by this speech. The speech was full of soaring rhetoric, which demanded justice to be done to all races, and demanding for an integrated society where the black community was recognized. His words proved to be the touchstone in understanding the political and social upheavals that existed in the American society during that time. This gave the country a vocabulary to use when expressing the happenings of that moment. He had one very crucial message that all people regardless of their skin colour were created equally and so they should be treated the same. However, he insisted that that was not the case in America at that moment but he was optimistic that this would happen in the future. He insisted that this would happen in the future in a very powerful and passionate way. His speech was well researched because in the preparation of this speech he studied the Bible, the address by Gettysburg and the declaration of the United States independence. He was able to incorporate all the research in his speech. Looking at his speech it can be described to be a political treatise, poetry, a well improvised and masterfully sermon full of Biblical imagery and language. He used frequent repetition and alliteration in making his points to be clear. Looking at the first half of the speech it shows not an idealized dream of American. It shows a seething Nightmare of racial injustice by the Americans (Murray, 15-20). This is where the speech call for action by insisting that t was the right time for the racial injustices to end. His shows the urgency that is need to undertake the actions. He held that this was the right time to make the real promises of democracy. This was the time for the American to come out of dark and desolate valley full of discrimination and start walking on the path of racial justice. He insisted that that was the right time to make all people have equal opportunities and start living in solid rock of brotherhood. He also encouraged people to make pledge that they would all walk together and never look backwards. He insisted that devotees of civil rights would never be satisfied until the moment when the black man in the American society would be free of horror brutality by the police. He also insisted that they would never rest until when the quality of life of the Negroes had improved and given right to participate in the running of the country and understood the importance of their participation in the public affairs (Dyson, 51-53). In the second half of the speech, the speech depicts the dream of a better, integrated and a future that would be fairer in racial harmony. This is the part of the speech, which has the theme of â€Å"I have a dream. † This phrase is repeated as a way of making his inspirational concepts be understood. He encourages the people that despite of the frustrations and difficulties at that moment he had a dream that all this would end. He held that a day is coming when the country would live according to the true meaning of its creed (Dyson, 51-53). This is when all people from different social classes, for example, children of slaves and those of the slave owners would be able to live as brothers and sit down together. The society that would be full of freedom and justice for all people. This would be a society where people would not be judged by the colour of their skin but would be judged by what they have in their character. He had a dream that the society would be transformed and the glory of the lord would be seem by everybody who would be living in that society (Murray, 15-20). The speech had a very strong message for the white community and hinted revolution. However, he used peaceful words and provided a vision for everybody. At the end of the speech, he had a passage aimed at unification of all people with a theme focusing around freedom. This is where he insisted that time was coming when all the people would sing one song of a sweet land of liberty. All people from all races, religious affiliations would be able to join hands and sing of a free state. There are three factors, which made his speech to have a lot of impact. The remarkable emotion he used in terms of body and voice. The place at which the speech was given in the steps of the memorial of a US president defeated the slavery in the southern states. Another factor is the mood of the day where there was increased slavery among the black people and the time when the whites started feeling guilty of their actions. Work cited Dyson Michael. Debating race with Michael Eric Dyson, New York, Basic Civitas Books, 2007, pg 51- 53. Murray Julie. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1st edition, New York, ABDO Group, 2005, pg 15-20.

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